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Experience the transformative power of MOXI, a gentle yet highly effective non-ablative laser treatment designed to combat early signs of sun damage and aging.

Suitable for all skin types and perfect for any season, MOXI seamlessly integrates into your busy lifestyle, delivering visible results with minimal downtime.


Tailored for Every Age

Whether you're tackling signs of aging or maintaining youthful skin, MOXI is your trusted solution. We tailor MOXI to your unique needs. Many clients opt for an initial series of 3-4 treatments, followed by regular maintenance sessions, ensuring your prejuvenation benefits endure over time.

Prejuvenation Magic

The magic of MOXI lies in its harnessing of fractionated laser technology, stimulating skin rejuvenation. By creating micro-coagulation zones, this laser triggers your body to naturally replace damaged cells with fresh, healthy ones, resulting in improved skin tone and texture with minimal downtime.

Youthful Transformation

While outcomes may vary, post-treatment, expect a temporary blush and microdots that typically fade within a few days, revealing a subtly rejuvenated, younger-looking complexion.

BBL Moxi Results

courtesy of Steven Swengel, MD

Post BBL Moxi Laser Care

After your MOXI session, care is simple - moisturize with a physical sunscreen and limit sun exposure. Feel free to resume your makeup routine just 24 hours after treatment, seamlessly integrating your skincare into your daily life.